Artist Bio

A man straight from outer space. If by ‘outer’ we mean the little town of Chapel Hill and ‘space’ North Carolina. Been in more bands than he can recall. A new age icon of folk & indie.

New Records

In the previous three years we’ve been working on this album in studios in London, Berlin and New York, collaborated with a lot of artists and experimented with various genres.


The Knowing-2018

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01. Lotus and the Jondy 00:37
02. Work 00:21
03. You Took Your Time 00:30
04. She Knows 00:14
05. Riot 00:26
06. Callin’ on Me 00:14
07. Tamale 00:30
08. Dark Red 00:14
09. Ode to Viceroy 00:26
10. The Baron Sleeps and Dreams 00:26


Madison Square Garden, New York City

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